Инструкция калькуляторы citizen ct-600

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New price in 1973 $149.50, about $655 today! «U.S. Patent Des. 227,672 and other patents pending.» See Patent 3,813,533. Franklin Spelling Ace SA-98, back has copyright date of 1994 by Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. (New Jersey). Made in Thailand. The calculator works fine doing that. (See photo) Installing a new 9 volt snap connector should therefore allow it to function like new. Serial No. 358949. Uses .3amp, 26 watts. It is big for an electronic calculator with dimensions of approximately 22cm x 30cm x 8.5cm and weighing over 9 pounds. Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8109, circa 1975. Green fluorescent scientific calculator (lacks scientific notation, however). 4 AA 1.5 volt batteries, five 1.2 volt rechargable batteries or AC Adapter. Note the English Imperial model at Vintage Calculators uses 6 AA NiCad batteries while my US Royal model uses one 9 volt battery. This «direct adder» is explained at the HP Museum site.

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