Часы s shock protection инструкция на русском

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Today smart phones are so big that they restrain you when carried in your pant’s pocket. You don’t need a special soldering iron for this but you need a good SMD solder flux and you just use tiny amounts of solder wire with lots of SMD solder flux. Often the crown has to be unscrewed to set or adjust the time and date and afterwards retightened to restore the water resistance of the watch and minimize the chance of unintentional operation under water. You need a small steel metal sheet, 0.6mm to 0.8mm thick and you cut a slot into it using an iron saw with a fine blade. The 3602 is almost identical to the «ЧК-6» but it has no finishing pattern and some of the internal dimensions are different such that you can not exchange parts between the two types.

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