Samsung led ue40hu6900u инструкция

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Don’t touch ‘Brightness’. ‘Dynamic Contrast’ crushes the shadows so leave it ‘Off’. ‘Warm2’ is the closest to 6500k color temperature. If you find the picture too yellowish, select a cooler setting. Yes it’s 4K, but only when the picture on screen is mostly still. Самые передовые технологии в разных производственных сферах. Но массовому потребителю это название известно, прежде всего, благодаря несравненным достоинствам телевизоров Samsung. Yet when there’s medium-fast pans, the on-screen picture degraded into a blurry mess. With the ability to produce more accurate and natural colours, your TV screen will open a new window to reality. The HU6900 is not equipped with pseudo-local dimming technology so there’s little else you can do to improve the black-level response, but it’s not that big a loss since we consider 0.05 cd/m2 to be good enough by LED LCD standards.

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