Icom ic-v8000 инструкция

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Press and release the «SET» button to enter the set mode. You can use these values, or those shown in the FT-847 manual. Connect the supplied right-angle mono audio cable between the SignaLinks SPKR jack, and the KX2/KX3s Phones jack. Be sure that both plugs are fully inserted. KX2/KX3 Radio Settings: 1 — The Mic Bias setting in the KX2/KX3s menu system should be turned OFF if you are using jumper wires. Маленький словарь терминов, использующихся в руководствах пользователей радиостанций. See the SignaLink Installation Manual for details. SELECT A MANUFACTURER NOTE: Please read the «Important Notes» above BEFORE you select your jumper settings.

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