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Copy the files from there to your RBR maps directory. Also try adjusting the blur size from the RBRdll config. Version 1.3 supports RBR version 1.02 (SSE optimized executable only), adds mod directory support and individual car setup slots for each rally. Try different settings for RBRdll and in the RBR graphics options to find a possible cause. I made much better notes to stage X, how can I give the notes to other people to use?The notes are saved in maps/track_XX-X.dls files. Przykładowe ujęcia gotowych widoków Cam Hacka: Download: RBR Camera Hack 3.0 (40 kb) mirror #1 Plugin Wally’ego: TAKAutor: Racer_S (Dave Skotnicki) « poprzednia następna ».

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