Инструкция hdd master v 0.6

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The GPT version number is unrelated to the EFI/UEFI version number. «Make the Most of Large Drives with GPT and Linux»—An informational piece on GPT I wrote for IBM developerWorks. Microsoft’s Recommended UEFI-Based Disk-Partition Configurations page provides details on how to partition a UEFI-based computer on which you want to install Windows. A piece on Anandtech concerning the transition to 4096-byte sectors in hard disks. Wiping Out GPT Data—If you need to re-partition a GPT disk using MBR, read this first! Otherwise, within about one minute the drive status listing will change to SED Crypto Erase – Pass. Since GPT fdisk automatically turns MBR disks into GPT disks, you should use GPT fdisk only if you’re positive your system can handle them. Before contributing be sure to consult the contribution guidelines and conventions.

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