Acti d61 инструкция

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Otherwise, Nikon’s Auto ISO is still the best in the business, although for use with flash, the Fuji X100S has the world’s best fill-flash exposure programming. Again, no big deal. If you love 1940’s flash technology, any hot-shoe to PC adapter, like Nikon’s own AS-15 ($20), will give you your PC terminal back. Focus priority waits until the camera is in perfect focus to fire, while Release priority goes off any time you press the shutter — even if the picture is out of focus. The D610 does have automatic in-camera HDR, so I certainly won’t miss this one. I don’t use HDR; I simply pop up the flash for much better results in harsh light. What happened is that the older DSLRs used hybrid electronic shutters that let them sync perfectly up to their top shutter speed (1/16,000 on the D1, D1H and D1X), and this was limited to 1/500 with dedicated strobes as not to lose any light. With my idiotic D800E or D4, which lack these, it can take a few minutes to swap between all my settings since their Menu Banks don’t save and recall as much as do the U1 and U2 positions.

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