Еос 1100д кенон инструкция

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The so-called Creative Zone features Programmed Auto (P), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Manual (M) and A-DEP modes. Причем косяк видимо разработчикам известный и на фотках видно, что софт пытается резкость вытаскивать программно. Video recording[edit] The 1100D captures 720p video, it does not have continuous auto-focus while filming video; to keep a moving subject in focus the user must either trigger the auto-focus, as when shooting stills, or manually adjust the focus while recording. Close-Up: For shooting small objects near to the camera. Maybe it’s a well-timed moment, like a passing bicycle with a nice background.Looking at paintings and drawings you can ask the same questions, and observe how great artists have dealt with light and composition in the past.The other thing to do is to take pictures.

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