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Программа позволяет автоматически разбивать длинные тексты на смысловые части, формировать словарь, связать учебные материалы гипертекстовыми ссылками. What is the difference between regular librarians and super librarians? Edited Book(CMS 15.35) Sarat, Austin and Stuart Scheingold, eds. 1998. Cause Lawyering: Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities. Rhetoric & Public Affairs 4 (3). How to Format Reference Lists In a reference list entry, the year of publication is the second element, following the author’s name. When they can see what is expected and what to avoid, students have a far better chance to succeed. Two templates are available: a template for papers with one or two authors (One or Two authors), and a template for papers with three or more authors (multiple authors). Sample Paper — Included on this page is a high-quality paper that has been formatted in accordance with NACE style requirements.

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