Инструкция xbox360 прошивки lt+1.92

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All the credit on LT 3.0 is to c4e. This week we will start receiving fresh stocks from Lizard accesories and main units, it have been hard days after the fire but we are on ways of full recovery, thanks for your patience. Сейчас всё работает.Спасибоuniikm: Спасибо ALEX59 за оперативность и прошивку X BOX 360 слим, все робит. 17.02.2012, 22:32 #1 Где в Хмельницком можно прошить XBOX 360 Slim Где в Хмельницком можно прошить XBOX 360 Slim? И какова стоимость? Many drives have died in these tests which arrived at the method you will see in the video. Since the accessory was not originally part of the standard 360Lizard kit some resellers may or may not include it while others will charge an additional fee for the add-on tool.

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