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When wwv data is saved, files with «tab seperated values» will be saved for every WWV host. The mode, we chose was JT9 H. Also we agreed in trying full doppler compensation to be used on my side. The rhythmical fading of the signal seems to be caused by the space probe´s spin of 19.76 revolutions per minute. This entry was posted in Allgemein and tagged 1296 MHz, 23 cm, Aircraft scatter, AirScout, Amateurfunk, DJ5AR, DL2ALF, Doppler, Funkamateur, GHz, Mainz, Microwaves, SHF, UHF on 2014-10-05 by admin. Press ENTER to edit QSO. Press A to see QSOs from all bands. HF window This window contains all information needed for HF contest like missing multipliers, rate, band and total score, DXCC info, sunrise/sunset, distance, azimut, calls from master.scp and band map. Worked stations are turned to dark yellow. QSOs window Use cursor keys to move cursor.

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