Ht 1000 l инструкция

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Any questions that arise as a radio fails to power up should be directed to Florida Product Services for diagnosis and further instructions. Return to step 1 and repeat the procedure. «ERR MOD» is displayed on radio 1 if the model numbers or the software options are not the same. Агрегат оснащен специальной системой подачи смазки, что продлевает работоспособность машины и уменьшает износ деталей. The number is 1-800-523-4007. Once an issue is diagnosed with the TOOLPROOFING as the violation, the individual will be instructed to send the radio(s) into the nearest depot location, where the «FLASHport depot tool» will be used. For the circuit board inside the housing, there is a completed part for that which costs less than the individual parts.

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