Sony mds jb940 инструкция

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Minimum Labor charge is $135. This includes a one-hour diagnostic charge for refused estimates. Nor do I want to start a thread about which automatic turntable is best. While I appreciate the replies, let me again repeat my request, as perhaps I was not clear.I am looking for a tonearm lift that is NOT:A QUpORPurchasing an automatic turntableWhy? I have no desire to start a thread that debates the QUp. That has been done elsewhere. Right now the one solution I have seen that makes sense is to purchase a second headshell and mount an inexpensive cartridge in it for everyday listening. Your Regional Service Center representative will provide you with a detailed estimate of the service required for your specific equipment and will list all parts to be inspected and or replaced as necessary for each level of service. Repair charges will be billed to your account.Cash Account Customers:Payment can be made by Money Order, Company Check (some restrictions apply), Certified Check, American Express, Visa or Master Card. (We Cannot Accept Cash) Repair WarrantyAll Repairs are warranted for 90 days parts and labor.

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