Bakkara g75 инструкция

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Electrical operation by reversing the current, by use of transistors or relays Water Tank Drain ValveOverview GEM Z Solenoid valves are spring assist open internal system. Can be used in other applications dependant on accessories fitted. IRRIGATION VALVE COMPATIBILITY CHART Revised 1/01/2013 To view/save/print a pdf of this page, click on the icon: Use this chart to insure compatibility of the Alex-Tronix LS latching solenoid or BCS SOL to these valves when using the BCS, ENERCON, and SMART CLOCK battery powered controllers. These bases are available in brass without manual override come with a removable coil and can be supplied in all voltages. Porque el cuidado de su instalación de riego empieza por los pequeños detalles.

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