All in 1 mini card reader инструкция

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Its plug-and-play design is user-friendly and it is supported by Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS 10.0….Bower Digital USB 2.0 SD Card Reader/WriterModel: CRSDThe SD card reader/writer transforms your SD or MMC card into a flash drive with USB connection. Picture Description Compact Flash Card Reader/WriterModel: CRCFThe compact flash card reader/writer transforms your compact flash card into a flash drive with USB connection. With transfer speeds up to 900kbps, it lets you move files 40x faster than through a serial port. It does not require battery power and is small and compact for easy travel use. It… Buy this hard to find machine at the lowest possible price. We purchase our products directly from the manufacture, passing all the savings to you. FEATURES: Easy to use 42 small characters (height: 4.6mm, width: 2.9mm) 11 large characters (height: 3.2mm, width: 2.0mm). You are viewing a Brand New PVC Card Manual Embossing Machine.

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