Air master kit инструкция

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Ресивер имеет объем 6 л. Весит компрессор 11 кг. В комплекте предоставляется специальный набор для окрашивания из пневматических инструментов. The brake bleeder’s three universal bleed screw adapters conform to most common bleed screw sizes, and its integrated muffler ensures quiet operation.Click here to view the Pressure Bleed Adapters chart. This compact yet powerful unit bleeds up to 2 quarts (1.9 liters) per minute, and its simple operation allows clean, quick bleeding of brake and clutch lines. Click here to view the Pressure Bleed Adapters chart.Click Here to view a D-I-Y video on how to bleed brakes using the Mityvac MV6844 European Pressure Bleed System. Our manual pressure bleeder, and selection of manual and compressed air operated vacuum bleeders provide a clean, economic one-person method of removing old fluid and trapped air from hydraulic systems.

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