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Some competing amplifiers using two 3-500ZGs cant deliver as much power as the AL-82. Why? Shielding and by-passing help prevent TVI and RFI at the high power levels in the AL-82.The AL-82 has two illuminated meters. Instruction manuals The following instruction manuals are free to download. Details PAK® 200i Designed for Demanding Manual Cutting and Gouging Applications Victor® Thermal Dynamics® has launched an improved PAK 200i manual plasma cutting and gouging system, which has the capacity to satisfy the most demanding manual plasma application requirements. Because the lightweight power supplies they use dont deliver enough high voltage to permit use of the full capability of the two 3-500ZGs. The AL-82 corrects this problem while still keeping the price at a reasonable level. One is the Grid Current Meter that provides a continuous reading of the 3-500ZG grid current.

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